Frye Art Museum

I had no idea that the Frey Art Museum existed until last week. If I would have known about it before then, I would have been a regular by this time. This is an amazing museum and I am sure that I will be back soon. The museum itself is a contemporary building with large rooms and hallways. It is nice that there are no barriers between you and the art pieces and the large rooms and hallways make it easy to view the exhibits.Frye3

The current exhibition is entitled “Your feast has ended”. The exhibition is a collection of works from three artists speaking about the appropriation and exploitation of human culture and natural resources. Also featured was “The Unicorn Incorporated”, works by Curtis R. Barnes and a re-staging of the Frye collection. I really liked most of the exhibits that were featured, especially “Sacred”, a multi-media display about the exploitation of water by Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes. Most impressive to me was the Frye collection itself. The collection itself is almost overwhelming and many hours could be spent browsing the paintings displayed.

I am really happy to have found out about this museum. It is incredibly admirable that the Fryes have decided to share their collection with the public and I am looking forward to more visits to this museum.


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