If I Could Turn Back Time

In Octavia E. Butler’s novel Kindred, the main character Dana, a young black woman from Los Angeles, is pulled back through time to the antebellum south to protect one of her ancestors, who just happens to be a white, slave holding, plantation owner. Dana’s life is forever changed as she has to make compromises and sacrifices in order to survive her time traveling adventure. It is a fantastic journey that is difficult to imaginwingwatche going on, and definitely an expedition one would like to avoid if possible (in Dana’s case at least).

I consider myself to have lived a more or less ordinary life. I spent the first few years of my life as an Air Force brat, being born in California and then being located in Mississippi, South Dakota, then back to Mississippi before my dad retired and the family moved to Spokane, Washington. I graduated from high school with a C average and didn’t go to college immediately afterwards. I have consistently had a job and have been able to support myself with minimal help from others, but I cannot consider myself successful at anything….yet. Also, sadly I must admit, I have never been married, do not have any children and honestly have never had a romantic relationship last longer than two years (most being a few months at best).

Although the memories of those failed relationships have faded in time, only being recalled at random times for random reasons, and fading away just as quickly, there are a few that are lingered on. The ones that you really wish you could go back and do something different, because maybe, just maybe, that one different decision would be the one that would make the love with that person last forever. That is the situation I can see myself being put in. Honestly, I think most people would like to have that opportunity.


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  1. I read your last 4 posts. You have a great voice for blogs – interesting and informative. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Frye. It is a hidden gem.


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