And the winner is…

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like this class. I would also be lying if I said I did like this class. The truth is that I like and disliked it, but either way I’m probably lying. Words have never been a good friend of mine and yet they fascinate me at times. Communicating my meaning to others, even in a face-to-face conversation can be challenging, however, I am in awe of how others can relay a thought wwordsith just a few carefully chosen words, spoken or written. I struggle with finding the right words to use in not only during one-on-one dialogue, but mostly in writing them down. I enjoyed all of the subjects that we covered in this class, but communicating my thoughts and feelings is a battle. That is why I like and dislike this course.

What were my favorite and least favorite things about this class? As is probably obvious from the paragraph above is that the actual writing was my least favorite part. As far as a favorite part, I would have to say it was reading Octavia E. Butlers novel Kindred. I am a huge science fiction fan, not so much of the laser gun intergalactic alien invasion type (except for Star Wars, the original 1977 release mind you), but mostly I like the stories which evolve from actual science and the situations that can arise from developing new technologies. My interest in this book peaked when I was led to the science fiction section at the book store the day I purchased the book and my interest grew as I started to read, and got further into the story. I really like how Butler uses time travel as a tool to tell Dana’s story, yet does not give us any explanation as to how it is all happening. Honestly, I never thought that I would be interested in a book dealing with the subject matter that Kindred focuses on.

Despite the never-ending wrestling match that I have with words, I must say that I have improved my writing skills because of this class. It has become easier to find the words, although still very, very challenging at times. One thing I can see improvement on is writing drafts. The biggest struggle I have is just writing and not caring what is coming out the first time. I always stop and re-write a sentence over and over and over because I want it to be perfect the first time (or I just can’t find the damn word I want to use). Now however, it is a bit easier to type the words even if they don’t make sense the first time. I am happy it has gotten easier. I am happy that I win the wrestling match occasionally.

If I had to sum up my thoughts about the course it would be this: I hope I pass. I would consider that winning this battle with words. I earned a “D” in my first writing class, and would be excited to repeat that accomplishment, and I would be ecstatic to receive any higher grade (although its not expected).

Also, I’m considering keeping the blog going (after the current bruises heal of course).


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